✔ to the full Sugar Awareness Week

✔ AND our 10-day SUGAR REHAB PROGRAM (worth 97 USD)

(step-by-step guidance on how to ditch sugar cravings + meal plan)



Why get support to reduce your sugar intake?


Typical results of our clients who did the 10-day Sugar Rehab program are:


 Ditch your sugar cravings

✔ Boost your energy & mood

✔ Strengthen your immune system

✔ Balance your hormones

✔ Improve your concentration, mental clarity, and productivity

✔ Kick-start weight loss

✔ And the list goes on... the benefits of reducing sugar are endless!


These results are based on our experience of coaching clients worldwide and Dr. Lustig's research (University of California, 2013) 

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This is for you if:

you often crave sugar...

you feel tired... 

you need a 'sugar fix' at the end of the day!


We have good news!

You CAN feel in control around sugar!

You CAN feel full of energy throughout the day!

You CAN enjoy delicious (sugar-free) snacks - like the yummy pancakes below! ;-)

The issue is not 1 teaspoon of sugar... 

but the immense OVERCONSUMPTION of sugar we consume nowadays thanks to the HIDDEN SUGARS everywhere!

Join the Puricious 10-day online Sugar Rehab program if you want more energy, no more sugar cravings, and kick-starting weight loss...


- Ditch your sugar cravings by stabilising your blood sugar level

- Learn how to recognise hidden sugars & keep track of your sugar consumption

- Be inspired by our delicious & simply (maximum 5 ingredients) sugar-free meal-plan



Transforming your SUGAR DEPENDENCE




In this program, we share our successful easy-to-follow 3-step method...

So you can enjoy sugary foods in moderation - without losing control!


What you will get in the program:


  • LEARN ABOUT SUGAR & THE EFFECT ON YOUR BODY: how it causes cravings and how you can stop this


  • GET STEP-BY-STEP GUIDANCE & TRACK YOUR PROGRESS in your workbook and celebrate your milestones


  • PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS FOR HEALTHY SNACKS to enjoy easy, yummy snacks to curb sugar cravings



Join our online sugar rehab program to:



- eBook -



The eBook explains the effect of sugar on our body and outlines the 3 easy action steps to successfully limit your sugar consumption




- Workbook -



 The Workbook guides you step-by-step to sugar independence and helps you track your progress




- Sugar-free Snack Cheat Sheet -



Be always prepared for sugar cravings and hunger with these great snacks that can be bought in-store or made at home


✓ Snack cheat sheet

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What others say about the Puricious Sugar Rehab program:

I did this program because I felt quite out of balance with my diet. On one hand, I was eating very healthy food but on the other hand I was eating 1 or 2 croissants or muffins per day - every day of the week. I would call myself a sugar addict... I started the program... and little by little it started to go very well. I now feel much lighter, much better, more confident, and I have less sugar cravings then before. I definitely recommend you to join the program. Marco and Sabine are great and you will feel much better - not only after the program but also during the program.

***Click on the image to watch the full video***
— Maria, 26, Spain
In the past I’ve been able to cut down on sugar and lose weight, but the bad habits always creep back and I was looking for something to help. Sabine is warm and caring and really helps reframe things so that a different perspective is achieved which really helps shift those bad habits. She is also very practical, working within the limits of the lifestyle you have! The short program I did helped me to respect myself and come from a place of loving and caring for my body...this was the shift I needed. I still have times when I want to consume sugary foods but now I can chose not to or have a lot less – just having some as a treat but recognising that having a lot is just not being kind to myself in the long run. Just by changing a few habits I have been consistently losing weight (without more exercise) and I am now confident that I can make this a permanent change, instead of falling back into old habits again. It puts a smile on my face! I will reach my goal weight slowly because I’m not using any will power or pressure on myself – just being more mindful and naturally getting back to a healthy weight.
The reason I highly recommend working with Sabine is that she takes a holistic approach in a practical & fun way but also a spiritual way and if that resonates with you, as it did with me, it can make all the difference. This about all of you, not just the physical you. Be nice to yourself and get started!
— Kathy (49), Australia, Sugar Rehab program
I have become much more aware of my eating habits. As a result, I feel much better and more energetic. Marco and Sabine thank you so much for everything. I recommend this program to everyone!
— Eef, 34, the Netherlands

Start enjoying a SWEETER LIFE thanks to LESS SUGAR...

for more energy & a healthy body! 



Do you have any questions about the program?

Read the most Frequently Asked Questions below or contact us here.


1) What can I expect from the sugar rehab program?

The goal of the sugar rehab is to help you successfully reduce your daily sugar intake so you feel full of energy and in control around sugary meals or snacks.

This program will help you to: limit your sugar intake, curb sugar cravings, stabilize your blood sugar level, support your hormonal balance, and inspire you to enjoy low-sugar food.


2) When does the program start?

The program can be started anytime you are ready for it. We highly recommend you to take at least 3 days to prepare for the sugar rehab by buying / preparing healthy snacks and meals. This will help you get the best results out of the program. You can find more tips on how to prepare inside the program!


3) What will I get during the program?

·      eBook (28 pages) – to learn why & how to reduce sugar in 3 easy steps

·      Workbook – to track your daily 3 actions steps & progress

·      Sugar-free snack cheat sheet - to prepare and enjoy easy, yummy snacks


4) How does the program work? What do I need to do? How much time will it take me to go through the program?

All of our programs consist of 3 phases, during which we guide you step-by-step on what to do:


1)   AWARENESS PHASE: read the program material to become aware of why and how to reduce your sugar intake

2)   ACTION PHASE: use the workbook to be guided step-by-step on how to curb sugar cravings and track your progress

3)   ACHIEVEMENT PHASE: take time to reflect on your progress and the goals you achieved. Consolidate your new achievements and turn them into habits.


The program takes 10 days, during which you will be guided on how to reduce your sugar intake. The time it will take for you on a daily basis depends on your current eating habits and average daily sugar consumption. Preparation is KEY and we therefore highly recommend to prepare healthy snacks / meals during the weekend for the week ahead. 


5) How long will it take to get rid of my sugar cravings?

This depends from person to person. The program helps you to stabilise your blood sugar level from day 1, which will greatly help you in curbing cravings. On average, our clients find the first 3 days the most challenging. After that initial phase, they are usually surprised that their desire for sweets has reduced.


6) Will I lose weight?

The sugar rehab’s main goal is to kick-start a healthy relationship with sugar. Most of our clients lose weight easily as a result of the reduced sugar intake, which is an important step in losing excess weight. A holistic approach and consistency are crucial to achieving weight loss; results, therefore, vary from person to person.


7) Can I still drink alcohol?

During the program, the focus is on reducing added sugars. We highly recommend you to stay clear from alcohol for 10 days. Our body metabolises alcohol in a similar way as sugar, so if weight loss is desired, you would greatly support this goal by ditching the booze. If not, limit it to one glass every 2-3 days.


8) Can I join the program if I have a medical health condition / pregnant / breast-feeding?

We have never come across any client, who did not benefit from eating fresh, real food, which is promoted in the 10-day sugar rehab. However, if you have special medical health conditions, we suggest you check with your GP before making any changes in your lifestyle.

This also applies to pregnant / breast-feeding women.

Throughout the program, it is crucial to always listen to your body, how you feel in terms of energy, hunger, and any signs of discomfort (nausea, indigestion, vomiting, etc.). As soon as you notice any significant physical undesired symptoms, always consult a specialist.


9) Will I ever be allowed to enjoy a cookie, piece of cake, cupcake, and chocolate?

Yes, in moderation and in line with the global World Health Organisation guidelines for the maximum amount of sugar (6-9 teaspoons daily). We preach that we need to avoid ‘the forbidden fruit effect’, which means that we never strive for a 100% sugar-free life. We want this to be a sustainable lifestyle change for you. You will therefore always be able to enjoy treats, in moderation. Over time, most of our clients find that their taste has changed and they no longer crave sweet things as before.


10) Do I need to follow a special diet or do intensive workouts?

No. The focus is on helping you reduce your daily sugar intake. This is the first step to a healthy lifestyle and the number 1 challenge for our clients. This program will boost your energy and help you kick-start weight loss.

You can continue your usual diet, without all the sugar in it, which might be a big change. It all depends on what your current diet and sugar consumption looks like.

We greatly support daily physical activity, but you do not have to follow a bootcamp / HIIT workouts to be active. Walking 10.000 steps each day is already a great start to an (more) active lifestyle and helps your body detox from the sugar.


Ditch your sugar cravings


Experience HOW MUCH BETTER & VIBRANT YOU FEEL with less sugar in your life!

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