Do you always mess up your diet by overeating?

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Our Set Yourself Free program guides you step-by-step to a healthy lifestyle & sustainable weight loss!

Ditch weight yo-yoing with the Set Yourself Free Program:


Stop Dieting, Stop Overeating... Get Your Freedom Back and Feel in Control again! 

Vicious Cycle of dieting overeating cravings guilt transformation into a Virtuous Cycle of self-love fun joy nourishing your body balance

We have been in your shoes... we went from starving ourselves on diets to overeating!

Despite our best efforts, we ended up gaining weight, instead of losing it.


It cost us loads of time, energy, money, negative self-talk, and frustration... without any results!


After many years of studying nutrition and coaching clients to successfully lose weight... 


You can also FREE yourself from overeating & start feeling your best!




- Reach & keep your healthy weight

- Get your energy back

- Limit cravings for junk food

- Enjoy eating AND love your body


Puricious Set Yourself Free _ How the Program Works: Follow the 5-Step Plan, Listen to Your Body, Love Yourself



  • Follow our 5-step formula to a healthy Puricious lifestyle


  • Learn to listen to YOUR body & nourish it with the right food for you


  • Shift your mindset to love yourself to bits & pieces



  • eBook (100+ pages) learn everything about the vicious cycle & how to obtain holistic balance (worth 19.95 EUR)

  • Workbook 50-day guide to turn theory into practice - it shows you HOW to get a healthy lifestyle & lose weight

  • FREE Bonus: a 7-Day Meal Plan (worth 19.95 EUR)


WHAT THE PROGRAM is all about:

  • A balanced healthy lifestyle
  • Nutritious food & yummy treats
  • Practicing self-care 


  • A magic diet pill
  • A weight loss fad
  • A boring lifestyle

THis PROGRAM IS NOT for you, if you are:

  • A talker but not a doer
  • Resistant to change
  • Looking for a quick fix, not a lifetime change

THis PROGRAM IS for you, if you are:

  • Driven & an ambitious go-getter
  • Ready to make changes in your lifestyle
  • Looking for self-development & growth



Get Started Today:


What others say about Puricious:

"Before starting your program, I was frustrated that I could not lose the excess weight that I had gained over the last 2 years after my menopause.
I could have never imagined the results you helped me achieve: 
My belly is no longer bloated, my stool is regular again, my energy level is stable throughout the day, my skin glows, and I no longer experience crazy cravings at night. Overall, I feel so much better and lighter! I am so happy with these changes! You really motivated me to keep going! I understand now how I can make myself feel better by taking care of myself. 
THANK YOU! I feel like a whole new person!"
Theresa Yee (47, Dubai)

"Sabine is a very warm hearted, supportive and compassionate mentor. In working with her during my 6 month coaching program I felt completely safe as she helped me achieve the goals I set out for myself.  With her support and guidance I have begun my journey of self-love which was my top priority during our sessions together! Since working with Sabine I have been able to honor myself by practicing self care techniques (without feeling guilty about it!) and by giving myself permission to appreciate all of my achievements as she so often pointed out in our sessions."

Tania Dreyer (32, Hawaii)

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No risk: 30 Day money back guarantee!

We know our program works. If you follow our 5-step formula, we guarantee you will be happy with the results.

If you are not satisfied, you will get a refund upon showing us you successfully completed our program and exercises in the Set Yourself Free workbook.