Is too much sugar limiting your career?

Do you know that sugar has a huge impact on our productivity?

Are you experiencing a 'food coma' after lunch at work?

Do you find it difficult to concentrate after eating sugar?


Sugar is hidden everywhere! Over 80% of our products in the supermarket contain (hidden) sugar! This is a huge problem!


Our overconsumption of sugar leads to:

  • lower productivity (thanks to brain fog & difficulties to concentrate)
  • higher level of sickness (thanks to sugar's detrimental effect on our immune system)
  • more stress (thanks to sugar stimulating adrenaline & mental stress when we give in to sugar cravings)


Our liver can metabolise up to 9 teaspoons on average per day for men / 6 teaspoons for women. The issue is, however, that we are consuming over 20 teaspoons a day in most developed countries!


Add the stress at work and in our private life... it all adds up to becoming TOO MUCH. This is detrimental to our health, our mental wellbeing, and our performance at work!


I left my corporate marketing career the moment close family members were struggling with life-threatening diseases. This is when I started to study everything about nutrition and how our food can either be our poison OR medicine!


Now, as a health coach, I have coached people worldwide to a healthier lifestyle. I always work on a holistic basis; i.e. I look at how they feel, how happy they are at work / in their relationship, if they enjoy a social life, how often they work out, etc.


No matter the background, lifestyle, culture of the clients I have worked with... I have found 1 COMMON ISSUE to achieving a healthier lifestyle...




This is why I have created a Sugar Awareness Week from June 17-24. It is my mission to share the truth about the impact of sugar on our wellbeing. By having teamed up with top experts in Switzerland, we will share WHY & HOW TO REDUCE YOUR SUGAR INTAKE!


As an ex-cookie monster, this is a topic close to my heart and I truly wish everyone to be well-informed about sugar so YOU CAN DECIDE WHEN & HOW MUCH TO EAT IT! We all know how knowledge = power!


You can join our Sugar Awareness Week Course ONLINE + FOR FREE here:


I wish you all the best in your career & a sweet life with less sugar in it!




Fat Chance: The bitter truth about sugar by Dr. Robert Lustig