Milan Expo 2015 & favourite café

While we love travelling, we discover many new places each year and re-visit cities we love.

Since we also love a healthy lifestyle, we are always looking for healthy places to eat. 

This time we went back to Milan, Italy, where Marco and I lived until 2010. We enjoyed being back to see our friends and had the chance to visit the Milan Expo 2015! We were also super excited when we found a lovely new place that offered healthy pure food in a wonderful flower shop!

Before we start talking about food, let's discuss Milan Expo 2015. This is a huge universal exposition, which represents 'Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life'. Many countries from all over the world have built a pavilion here to present their country's national food. 

The pavilions itself are spectacularly built (see, for example, China's pavilion in the image below). On top of that, you can find about any type of food you can imagine. From Italian pasta, to Israeli falafel, to Dutch french fries, to cacao from the Ivory coast, etc. It is not all necessarily healthy, but definitely worth trying different cuisines!

We spent a full evening walking around, visiting some pavilions, learning about their country, their export products, and -of course- food. It seems like a small trip around the world, where you can immerse yourself in many different cultures. You hear different types of music, smell different flavours, and observe different kind of vibes from pavilion to pavilion. 

The expo is huge, though, so we would love to go back to see the other half! It can be very busy, though, and there have been lines up to 7 hours to visit some of the most impressive pavilions due to the amount of visitors! 

Our tip is to go after 6 PM when it is less busy -hopefully- and you pay an entrance fee of 5 EUR instead of 34 EUR (for the full day). 

Besides the expo, we loved feeling 'back home' again in Milan! The city has been re-innovating itself greatly over the last couple of years. Some areas have been 'pimped up' and have turned into trendy places, which are highly recommended to visit next time you are around! 

For example, 'i navigli' is a lovely place to go for a drink at night at the canal side of Milan, 'Porta / Corso Garibaldi' has opened many new restaurants and bars to eat, and 'Brera' is still our favourite area of Milan! 

Now... our great discovery of a healthy restaurant is: Mint Garden Café (Via Felice Casati 12, Milan). It is a beautiful quiet and peaceful place just behind the largest shopping street of Europe, Corso Buenos Aires. In the hectic and vibrant city of Milan, it was great to find such a wonderful place to relax, unwind, and enjoy a delicious fresh meal (green juices, fresh fruit, andbig salads).

Next time you are in Milan, enjoy and let us know what you liked the best! 


Marco & Sabine

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele Milan, Italy