Puricious' Philosophy & Sabine's story

Puricious' philosophy is based on taking care of yourself for your health - not just for your looks.


Puricious is a timeless lifestyle that promotes wellbeing as a result of listening to your body and loving yourself. 


Stop dieting, stop overeating, ditch negative self-talk, and stop comparing yourself to others. 

Focus on how you feel, physically as well as mentally, and embrace the unique human being you are! You are beautiful!


By sharing my (Sabine's) story, I would like to explain Puricious' philosophy. 

I was born 6 weeks too early and part of a twin. Unfortunately, my twin sister passed away at birth but I survived thanks to an incubator.

My entire life, I have felt so lucky and been so grateful for being alive - knowing that my twin sister did not get the chance to experience 'life'. I feel like I have been enjoying life for the two of us, no matter how tough it can be at times. 

As a teenager, I struggled with loving myself as I am such a perfectionist and was never satisfied with my 'performance'. Consequently, I started using food as a tool to feel in control and diets as something I could be proud of when I 'did well'.

But when I met my soulmate, my dear husband Marco, I was convinced that I could not love someone else infinitely before fully loving myself. This is when I started my journey to discover a healthy lifestyle, which brought balance in my life as well as respect and love for myself.

I stopped judging myself based on the number on the scale in the morning, I turned negative self-talk into positive affirmations, and started to nourish my body, out of love, with all the vitamins and minerals it needs - every. single. day. 

Especially when my father passed away because of cancer, I became even more aware of how much I believe in eating for your health and not just for your looks. His death also made me realise once again how lucky I am to be here, to live my life, and to enjoy it to the fullest!

Sometimes we may get influenced by social media, the models in magazines, and pressure to look good in our society, but I know for myself that my purpose in this life is not to 'look good'. My purpose is to shine light and inspire others to take good care of themselves. In order to do so, I need a nourishing lifestyle that gives me strength and energy. This is why a pure and delicious lifestyle is crucial - regardless of what your purpose in life is.


Puricious stands for a lifestyle, which enables you to be the purest and 'most delicious' version of YOURSELF. A pure YOU, with a pure MIND, and a pure BODY... to fulfil your purpose in this life. 


From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a life that you enjoy, a body that you feel good in, relationships that nourish your soul, pure joy, and -most importantly- loads of FUN! Life is too short not to cry out of laughter and getting muscle cramps in your cheeks as a result! ;-)

If you feel like you could use a helping hand to realise this, you have come to the right place. Marco and I would be honoured to be able to empower you in being the best version of yourself. 

Because no one else can be a better version of you than... YOU! 


Love yourself, embrace your life, the lessons in it, the challenges we face, the solutions we find, the love we share, the energy we feel, the joy with friends, the fun we have... 

Take care,