Rotterdam & Our favourite Bertmans Café

In the past, whenever I told people that I am from Rotterdam, they told me that they 'were sorry for me'!

In comparison to Amsterdam, Rotterdam used to be a rather cold and a not-so-'gezellige' (Dutch word for 'cosy') city.

BUT this has changed! Over the past 10 years Rotterdam has been developing itself into a true metropol, which has so much to offer! From musea, to architecture, theater, festivals, to -of course- many great bars & restaurants.

So I can proudly state now that I am from Rotterdam, even though I only lived there for the first 15 years of my life. Ever since, I am amazed to see so many new cool places!

Bertmans is one of these (at Zaagmolenkade 5, Rotterdam - open from 9:30 - 18:00 every day, but closed on Wednesdays). Marco and I checked out this healthy breakfast / brunch place, which serves delicious cold pressed juices, smoothies, salads, mixed vegetarian / vegan plates, soups, and many more yummy dishes. 

Besides the natural ingredients they use in all of their dishes, all of Bertmans' plates are a piece of art! They are almost too pretty to eat! 

We had the delicious vegetarian dish with eggplant with cinnamon (!), carrot pickles, pickled beetroot, beans with fresh mint, hummus, coriander pesto, and spelt bread . We already cannot wait to go back and try their oats, buckwheat pancakes, and many of their other tasty creations.

So next time you are in Rotterdam, try their delicious pure dishes yourself and enjoy their interior design full of green plants! :-)

We would love to see what you have tried at Bertmans, please tag us in your pictures @Puricious_ and let us know what you think.



Marco & Sabine

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