Yummy hummus in Kraków, Poland

We love travelling... and this time we ended up in Kraków, Poland.


We had no idea this city was such a beautiful place!


We were astonished when we arrived and saw how rich the city is in terms of architecture, stunning buildings, culture, and delicious food! It really has been a great discovery! 


We also LOVE hummus... and this is the reason how we found great places to eat hummus in Kraków! 

One of favourite places was in the Jewish Quarter, 'Hamsa Hummus & Happiness Restobar' (Szeroka Street 2, Craców Poland. Open every day from 10 AM until midnight). This restobar has a lovely atmosphere and great choice of delicious food - with lots of vegetarian / vegan options. 

We enjoyed a delicious lunch of hummus (they also serve many other versions of the classic hummus, such as mint hummus, for example!), fresh vegetables, in addition to a yum buckwheat bulgur tabuleh with pomegranate, coriander, parsley, and fresh mint. 

If you have the chance, visit this beautiful city and enjoy the delicious meals at Hamsa. If you go there, let us know what you think - we would love to hear about your experience (both the city as well as restobar :-)).


Marco & Sabine