What is the meaning of life? Why do we need to be healthy?

We all go through ups and downs in life, which makes us wonder…


what is the meaning of life?

Why are we here?

How can we be happy? 


We have been thinking a lot about these questions…


Life has thrown many challenges at us and we continuously needed to adapt. We needed to stay flexible to find new and different ways of pursuing happiness. 


This has been challenging but we are grateful for every moment along the way as we realise HOW much we learn. 


Life is a learning experience, during which we learn to walk, fall, get up, fall again, and never give up on getting back on our feet! 


No matter how tough the current situation is… we are here for a reason… for a mission to fulfil…. to make the world a better place… step-by-step… through all contributing to create a happier world…


Only together, we can create synergies that are way beyond our individual impact! Only together, we can truly make this world a better place! Only together, we can love & be loved!


This exchange of unconditional love - to give and be able to receive LOVE, UNCONDITIONALLY - IS THE MEANING OF LIFE!!


Love is what keeps us going… especially in the difficult moments in life! 


When LOVE is combined with PURPOSE… we obtain a magical power… something so strong that it will help us realise our contribution to this planet, nature, and the people around us!


This is WHY it is our mission to help others pursue a healthy lifestyle to feel better!


After experiencing how quickly this life can be over (when Sabine’s father passed away because of cancer), we realised what a shame it is to not be able to enjoy life when we feel bad about ourselves, about our body, about our life. 


For this reason, we are so passionate about empowering others to feel good in their skin so they can focus on enjoying life, rather than worrying about their weight! 


By sharing our knowledge & experience with the world, we hope to inspire you and support you in your journey too!


This is our love contribute to YOU! Our commitment & dedication to HELP YOU FEEL BETTER! TO BOOST YOUR ENERGY SO YOU CAN ENJOY LIFE TO THE FULLEST! 


This is our mission… this is our passion… this is the way we share our love with YOU! We care about YOU. We are here to support and empower you! :-)


We are grateful for all the lessons we have learned in life, which will allow us to better help others.


We hope this inspires you to also approach tough times in life as lessons to make the best out of it…


And, most importantly, we hope you can feel the LOVE FOR YOU shine through this message! 


Our paths have crossed for a reason… to exchange love… to give & receive… to share… to connect! 


We wish you ALL the best!! Do something today to share YOUR LOVE with someone… hug someone… give a compliment… smile at someone… and feel how you CAN also contribute to making this world a better place. 


With unconditional Love,


Marco & Sabine