Cookie Monster's most embarrassing moment & her 'Wake Up Call'

There I was... I took a small break from work in the afternoon. So much work to do... I felt tired and stressed!

I needed energy, a quick fix!

Ohhh... I found chocolate cookies!! That was perfect! An instant sugar rush to help me get through the day!

This time I was lucky, there was sunshine in Geneva! So I went to sit outside of my company, Procter & Gamble.

I got a GREAT idea... to let my cookies heat up in the sun so I would create this 'microwaved' effect of a hot chocolate chip cookie! I already started drooling...

As I saw the chocolate slowly melting... some colleagues appeared in front of me... 'Oh hi Sabine, you are working out here in the heat?'.

I turned red and was too embarrassed to say that I was waiting for my cookies to heat up in the sun! And worse, I did not want to admit how I was relying on sugar rushes all day long to help me get through long working days!

cookie monster crackers.jpg

I somehow KNEW that living on sugar rushes to help me deal with stress and emotions was NOT the right way. But I was addicted! Craving sugar constantly!

Then, a couple of months later, I got my WAKE UP CALL! My father had been diagnosed with cancer and the doctors gave him 1 more month to live...

I wanted to help, to help him live the best month of his life, to feel better despite all the medication and treatments! I started studying about nutrition & health...

Then IT HIT ME! Sugar, sugar is detrimental to our health! But Sugar was my 'sweetest friend' at the time, my 'go-to source' for a quick energy rush, my coping mechanism for tough times, my relief for stress!

Discovering the impact of sugar on my health, my productivity, and how sugar is HIGHLY STRESSFUL for our body... I transformed my sugar dependence into independence! C'mon, I will still always be a 'cookie monster' at heart, but now I know!

I know HOW TO ENJOY in moderation. I know HOW TO USE SUGAR AS A TREAT. I know HOW TO DEAL WITH STRESS & EMOTIONS, without using sugar! I know HOW TO BOOST MY ENERGY - FOR A FULL DAY, not just for a sugar rush... awaiting a big CRASH in energy!

This evening, I am sharing my the 3 biggest lessons I learned from this experience at the FuckUp Night in Basel, organised by Jutta Jerlich (digital business development specialist). If you are around, come and join us!

You also still have the chance to join the 'Sugar Awareness Week' until the 25th of June 2017! Who had ever thought that this 'cookie monster' would turn Health Coach and spread the truth about sugar and how it impacts our health! ;-) You can find more info here:

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