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Whether you are an HR professional or employee, who would love to promote wellbeing in the office, we can help you!

It is our mission to boost people's energy and overall wellbeing!

Both the company as well as the employees benefit when they all feel better, have more energy, and are in balance!

Nowadays, more and more companies promote services to enhance their employees' wellbeing. 


The advantages of a healthier lifestyle for your employees are beyond the physical benefits; for example, amongst others, higher productivity, reduced absence from work, less sickness, greater concentration, as well as positive employer branding!


Statistics show...

  • Johnson & Johnson (HBR, 2010) saved 250m USD between 2002 – 2008 thanks to employee health programs!
  • Companies could potentially save 5.7bn CHF by promoting a healthy lifestyle & stress reduction programs (Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz, 2016)

  • Return on investment (ROI) of employee health programs has been found to be on average 6x the investment (Harvard, 2016)


How does Puricious’ Corporate Program work?


Every program is tailor-made to suit your needs. This is an example of what we have done in the past:



Set health objectives for your company


Step 1

Assessment of employees’ health via scorecard


Step 2

Implement 5-step formula to maximise employees’ energy

(e.g. on-site workshops & trainings, coach internal health ambassadors, redefine food offer canteen, fitness, cooking class for busy people)


Step 3

Track progress, drive accountability, and report results



What are the results of a corporate health coaching program?

·      Maximise energy to perform in all areas of your life

·      Strengthen immune system to protect from illnesses

·      Boost your productivity to achieve your objectives

·      Reduce stress for your physical & mental wellbeing

·      Optimise your weight to feel better in your skin



Workshop topics & languages

We offer seminars, workshops and 1:1 coaching in English, Dutch, Italian, and German.

The most requested workshops are about how to boost your energy, how to reduce sugar, and how to reduce stress.



What is in it for the organisation?

·      Increase the wellbeing of your employees, hence your company’s wellbeing (higher productivity, greater efficiency, reduced stress)

·      Save money on lower numbers of absenteeism, mental health issues

·      Corporate branding: retain and keep talents in your company by showing you care about your employees (increasing engagement & commitment)



How we guarantee success, sustainably: 

·      Leverage our KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE with proven methods

·      We hold you & your team ACCOUNTABLE for the achievements

·      Get SUPPORT & MOTIVATION from our team!



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