Frequently Asked Questions about the Set Yourself Free program:


How long does the program take?

The online program is a 28-day online program. All content will be provided at the start of the program, so you could do the program at your own pace. We highly recommend you to finish the program in 1 go once you have started.


What does the structure of the program look like?

The 28 days are divided into 4 weeks, with each a dedicated theme of the week.

Week 1: Preparation week to start reading the eBook, using the workbook, and preparing some meals.

Week 2: Awareness week to continue learning in the eBook what happens when we are stuck in the vicious cycle.

Week 3: Action week to start putting the solution, as outlined in the step-by-step guide, to Set Yourself Free into action.

Week 4: Achievement week to make it a habit to be free from the vicious cycle.


What happens when I buy the program? What and when will I receive my program materials?

After purchasing the online program, you will instantly receive a confirmation email with all your course materials attached.


The online program includes the following digital materials:

-       The Set Yourself Free eBook
-       Your workbook
-       Your step-by-step guide
-       Bonus: a 7-day meal plan

N.B. You will not receive a hard copy of these materials. If you wish, you can print out the materials when you would like to have them in a hard copy too. 


What if I purchased the program but have not received my materials?

If this happens, we apologise sincerely and would like to ask you to drop us an email (subject: Waiting for program materials). We will send you everything as soon as possible.


How much time does the program require me to invest on a weekly basis? And do I have homework?

During the program, you are expected to read the eBook to understand what happens to when we are trapped in the vicious cycle of dieting and overeating.

The eBook consists of approximately 100 pages, which we expect to take maximum 2 weeks to read. It is up to you whether you prefer reading every day a bit, or immerse yourself over the weekend, for example.

The workbook consists of daily reflection exercises, except for during the weekends. During the weekends, we wish you to spend time on fun things you enjoy so there are no set exercises. Each exercise can take up to 20 minutes each day – maximum.


 I am vegetarian / vegan / allergic to gluten or lactose or nuts. Is this program for me?

Yes! Our 7-day meal plan is adapted for vegetarians, vegans, and the most common allergies (gluten, lactose, nuts).


What can I expect to get out of the program?

To know exactly what happens in our body and mind when we are trapped in the vicious cycle of dieting and overeating and why it is so difficult to Set Yourself Free. You will learn everything you need to know the effect of the vicious cycle and then practice during the program step-by-step to Set Yourself Free.

We show you how to get the balance and freedom in your life to stop dieting and overeating once and for all. This program is the beginning of a lifetime journey to continuously learn from yourself, your body, and your environment. And this journey does not stop after the 28-day program!

You will feel so good when you are holistically in balance that you will never want to go back to dieting and overeating!


Is this online program a diet? Will I be restricted to only eat certain foods?

No! This program promotes wellbeing and self-love through a shift in your lifestyle habits and thoughts. In order to ditch dieting for good, it is crucial to stop restricting yourself from food and fully accept yourself. To do so, we actually shift our attention away from food and focus on all the beauties of yourself and goodies in your life instead.

The bonus 7-day meal plan gives you an example of what the meals in a Puricious lifestyle look like. This meal plan is not intended to be a diet that you should follow, but is only intended to inspire. We hope it helps you to enjoy delicious pure meals that are super quick and easy to prepare!  

Puricious lives by an 80 / 20 rule when it comes down to food. When we eat a healthy diet full of vegetables for at least 80%, our body can deal with any ‘treats’ for up to 20%. So you can still enjoy any of the treats you love, in moderation. Instead of restricting yourself from foods, the focus is on integrating more and more healthy foods in your diet. So instead of taking food away, we include more delicious pure food in your lifestyle.