Are you fed up with dieting?

Have you tried all the diets on the planet but nothing worked?

Do you want complete FREEDOM back when it comes to eating?


Nice to meet you!

If this is you, we are so happy you found us...

Your last resource to freedom from dieting & overeating!


We have been there too...

We spent years and years dieting... 

Until we found ourselves overeating...

And feeling guilty as a result!


Our turning point

The moment we saw close relatives battling with cancer, it hit us...


It hit us that we were treating our body without the respect & honour it deserves!

It hit us that we were not enjoying life as we could since we were so worried about our weight all the time!

It hit us that we disliked our body even though it is the reason we are alive!


Our transformation

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 02.38.40.png


What did it take to transform our health? 

More than 5 years to understand HOW TO take care of our unique body...

Graduating in Holistic Health Coaching and Sports & Science Nutrition education...

Over 100K EUR of investment in education & self-development...

Learning the hard way through trial-and-error...

A massive mindset shift!


Now it is your turn!

You can reach your goal to absolute freedom from dieting & excess weight with our help!


No studies required...

No years lost to figure out what to do...

No more wasting of energy on feeling bad about your body!



What do you get out of our program?

Freedom from dieting & overeating

Feeling in control around food

Clarity on what food works for YOUR body

Curbing sugar cravings

Loving a body that you feel good in



Why Puricious?

  • Coached people worldwide from the US to Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Europe
  • Proven 5-step formula that guides you step-by-step to holistic health
  • 360 Degree Holistic Health Coaching: we consider every aspect of your life & being
  • Instant mindset shift to help you lose weight diet-free
  • Have fun: do what you love to keep it up & enjoy life with our 80/20 approach!



How does it work?

Our programs apply our proven 360 degree HOLISTIC approach:


We teach you how to tune in to YOUR body so YOU know what food works well for YOUR unique body chemistry - no other person on this planet knows your body better than you do! You just need to learn HOW to listen to it! You will never be confused again about what (not) to eat! No diet can trick you into eating otherwise than is optimal for YOUR BODY!



If you are not achieving your goals, there is something that is not working in your current strategy. To change the outcome, you have to change the approach. Our Dream Team approach facilitates a mindset shift that will change your life & outlook on yourself and your body! This is the key to sustainable success!



Your health and wellbeing do not ONLY depend on food and exercise. We are complex human beings and consist of both a physical and energetic body. Through helping you release emotions that are trapped and cause emotional eating, we help you to holistically balance your body. This is crucial in letting go of (too much) stress, which may be the reason why you are holding on to excess weight!



Why join our community?

  • Supportive & inspirational global Puricious community: you are not alone! Let's do this TOGETHER!
  • Your personal health coaching experts cheer you on and help you make your goal a reality
  • Transform your lifestyle through taking small, easy steps repetitively - the secret to sustainable success!
  • You are appreciated for the person YOU are: you are not your weight, metabolic rate, or blood type... you are unique!
  • Avoid getting stuck, bored, or frustrated on the journey to your goal - instead, enjoy every step along the way with us
  • Celebrate together every step of progress: together we track your journey and highlight your achievements



Our programs






What others say about Puricious

I did this [Sugar Rehab] program because I felt quite out of balance with my diet. On one hand, I was eating very healthy food but on the other hand I was eating 1 or 2 croissants or muffins per day - every day of the week. I would call myself a sugar addict... I started the program... and little by little it started to go very well. I now feel much lighter, much better, more confident, and I have less sugar cravings then before. I definitely recommend you to join the program. Marco and Sabine are great and you will feel much better - not only after the program but also during the program.
— Maria (26), Spain - Sugar Rehab Program
Before starting your program, I was frustrated that I could not lose the excess weight that I had gained over the last 2 years after my menopause. I could have never imagined the results you helped me achieve! My belly is no longer bloated, my stool is regular again, my energy level is stable throughout the day, my skin glows, and I no longer experience crazy cravings at night. Overall, I feel so much better and lighter! I am so happy with these changes! You really motivated me to keep going! I understand now how I can make myself feel better by taking care of myself. THANK YOU! I feel like a whole new person!
— Theresa Yee (47), Dubai - Set Yourself Free Program
Sabine is a very warm hearted, supportive and compassionate mentor. In working with her during my 6 month [Private 1:1] coaching program I felt completely safe as she helped me achieve the goals I set out for myself. With her support and guidance I have begun my journey of self-love which was my top priority during our sessions together! Since working with Sabine I have been able to honor myself by practicing self care techniques (without feeling guilty about it!) and by giving myself permission to appreciate all of my achievements as she so often pointed out in our sessions.
— Tania (32), Hawaii - 1:1 Private Coaching
I have become much more aware of my eating habits. As a result, I feel much better and more energetic. Marco and Sabine thank you so much for everything. I recommend this [Set Yourself Free] program to everyone!
— Eef (34), Holland - Set Yourself Free Program



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