Are You 'Addicted' to Sugar?

Ditch Your Cravings & Kick-Start Weight Loss in 21 Days

Are you craving sugar all day?

Do you feel out of control around sugar?

Is Your energy low?


Then this is for you...

We know how you feel!

We were once in your shoes too...


For years we struggled with strong sugar cravings, low energy, and emotional overeating (on junk food)...


We lived on our regular daily sugar 'pick-me-ups'...

We felt out of control around sugar...

And we did not understand why we could not stop!


Now we enjoy being IN CONTROL around sugar and ENJOY having stable energy throughout the day!


As a health coach & sport’s nutritionist now...


...We wish we had learned about the effect of sugar on our body many years ago!


We know the frustration and feelings of guilt that come along with indulging in sugar!


It took us many years to find out why we are out of control around sugar…

In the past... every diet would end up in a sugar binge. 


For years, we struggled to lose weight and did not know that sugar was the cause of our weight gain!


Instead of losing weight, we were putting on weight!


Despite our best efforts and trying EVERY diet out there, we ended up weight yo-yoing like crazy!


Why is sugar an issue?


First of all, we do not like demonising food... because NO food is 'good' or 'bad'.








not only in candy but in almost ALL packaged foods! 



What is the issue with sugar?


Sugar causes binges!


Sugar makes us feel sick, sluggish, and bloated…


Why is it so hard to give up on sugar? 


  • Sugar makes us (temporarily) feel good as it stimulates the reward centre in our brain
  • Sugar causes us to crave sugar… and the more we eat, the more we crave
  • Sugar messes up our hormone imbalance and blood sugar level… leading to more and stronger sugar cravings

What do you need to ditch your sugar addiction? 


  • Understand HOW sugar impacts your health & body shape
  • Effectively curb sugar cravings

  • Balance your blood sugar level & hormones


The Puricious 10-day online sugar rehab program.


A 10-day online program to ditch sugar cravings & kick-start your weight loss instantly



Transforming your SUGAR ADDICTION




In this program, we share our successful easy-to-follow 3-step method...

So you can enjoy sugary foods without losing control!


You control how much and when to enjoy a sugary treat!

What you will get out of the program:


  • Learn about sugar and the effect on our body; how it causes sugar cravings and what you need to do to stop this


  • Professional support from experts on how to create balance to create sugar independence  


  • A support group to hold your hand along the way; to accompany and motivate you to sugar freedom


  • Delicious sugar-free recipes to discover how delicious a healthy lifestyle can taste


Join our online sugar rehab program to:



- eBook -


Why sugar is so hard to ditch

The eBook explains the effect of sugar on our body and outlines the 3 easy action steps to successfully limit your sugar consumption


Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 00.10.03.png


- Workbook -


Follow the step-by-step guide on HOW to limit your sugar intake

 The Workbook guides you step-by-step to sugar independence and helps you track your progress




- Facebook Group -


Be part of our online sugar rehab community in our private Facebook group for ONGOING SUPPORT!

We are here for you when you need motivation, support, or answers to any questions you may have!




- Recipes -


Enjoy our sugar-free recipes to experience first-hand how delicious and nourishing a low-sugar lifestyle can be! 


Are you ready to transform your sugar addiction...

...into sugar independence?


Get started now...


What others say about the Puricious Sugar Rehab program:

I did this program because I felt quite out of balance with my diet. On one hand, I was eating very healthy food but on the other hand I was eating 1 or 2 croissants or muffins per day - every day of the week. I would call myself a sugar addict... I started the program... and little by little it started to go very well. I now feel much lighter, much better, more confident, and I have less sugar cravings then before. I definitely recommend you to join the program. Marco and Sabine are great and you will feel much better - not only after the program but also during the program.
— Maria, 26, Spain
I have become much more aware of my eating habits. As a result, I feel much better and more energetic. Marco and Sabine thank you so much for everything. I recommend this program to everyone!
— Eef, 34, the Netherlands

What are you waiting for?

Start your journey to free yourself from sugar addiction today...


We are here to guide you & support you along the way... 

We know what it takes to set yourself free from sugar!


No risk: 30 Day money back guarantee!

We know our program works. If you follow our 5-step formula, we guarantee you will be happy with the results.

If you are not satisfied, you will get a refund upon showing us you successfully completed our program and exercises in the Set Yourself Free workbook.