Hi there, welcome to Puricious!

We are Marco & Sabine, founders of Puricious, authors, husband & wife, Italian & Dutch, a former sugar 'addict' & ex-cookie monster, living in Switzerland.


From being sick and weight yo-yoing, we are now a Sports Nutritionist & Health Coach from the world's largest nutrition school.


Our greatest passion in life is to BOOST YOUR ENERGY so you can FULLY ENJOY LIFE!


Based on our experience of coaching clients worldwide, we have developed our unique 360-degree holistic model that combines nutrition with energy healing.


The Puricious method has helped our clients to feel MORE VIBRANT, LIGHTER, and HAPPIER!


We are specialised in helping you break through the vicious cycle of sugar cravings and weight yo-yoing. Learn how to listen to your body to start collaborating as a 'Dream Team'!


Take control over your eating habits and start fully loving yourself. Life is now! Take your chance to feel good in your ‘home’, your body, the most precious asset you have!


     Marco & Sabine

     Marco & Sabine

Our mission is to guide you step-by-step to a healthy lifestyle that fits your unique personal needs!


Marco is a certified Sports & Exercise Nutritional Advisor as well as co-founder of Puricious Health Coaching. His life before Puricious included a lot of smoking and eating junk food, while pursuing his career in the financial sector. After realising how unhealthy he was (which included relying on a lot of sugar and coffee for energy boosts throughout the day), he decided to change his lifestyle and started exercising. He discovered his passion for sports and soon realised the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. Marco is very passionate about sport performance and nutrition, his passion is helping people live their lives to the fullest potential by embracing an active lifestyle supported by nutritious eating habits.

His motto: try a variety of sports to find out what you truly enjoy and keep trying new things!


Now Sabine is a Holistic Health Coach & Nutritional Therapist, but preciously her diet consisted of cookies, chocolate, and ice-cream! She used food as a coping mechanism in stressful times and in her corporate career for instant energy to help her get through the day. Her nickname at university, during her Master of Science in Management studies, was 'cookie monster'! For this reason, she had never thought of becoming a health coach! But the moment close family members got life-threatening illnesses, she started to study everything about nutrition & health. She then discovered how food impacts our wellbeing: it is either our poison OR medicine! The choice is up to us! She chose to overhaul her health with nutrition and energy work. Once she started to feel full of energy and has not had a cold in years, she never looked back! She wished she had known about all of this before! This is why she is so passionate about helping others discover how good they can feel in their body, their most precious asset!

Her motto: life is so short, why not feel your best to make the most out of it?