Hi there, nice to meet you!

We are Marco & Sabine, founders of Puricious, authors, husband & wife, Italian & Dutch, a former sugar 'addict' & ex-cookie monster, living in Switzerland.


From being sick and weight yo-yoing, we are now a Sports Nutritionist & Health Coach from the world's largest nutrition school.


Our greatest passion in life is to BOOST YOUR ENERGY so you can FULLY ENJOY LIFE!


Based on our experience of coaching clients worldwide, we have developed our unique 360-degree holistic model that combines nutrition with energy healing.


The Puricious method has helped our clients to feel MORE VIBRANT, LIGHTER, and HAPPIER!


We are specialised in helping you break through the vicious cycle of sugar cravings and weight yo-yoing. Learn how to listen to your body to start collaborating as a 'Dream Team'!


Take control over your eating habits and start fully loving yourself. Life is now! Take your chance to feel good in your ‘home’, your body, the most precious asset you have!


     Marco & Sabine

     Marco & Sabine

Our mission is to guide you step-by-step to a healthy lifestyle that fits your unique personal needs!


Marco is a certified Sports & Exercise Nutritional Advisor as well as co-founder of Puricious Health Coaching. His life before Puricious included a lot of smoking and eating junk food, while pursuing his career in the financial sector. After realising how unhealthy he was (which included relying on a lot of sugar and coffee for energy boosts throughout the day), he decided to change his lifestyle and started exercising. He discovered his passion for sports and soon realised the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. Marco is very passionate about sport performance and nutrition, his passion is helping people live their lives to the fullest potential by embracing an active lifestyle supported by nutritious eating habits.

His motto: try a variety of sports to find out what you truly enjoy and keep trying new things!


Now Sabine is a Holistic Health Coach & Nutritional Therapist, but previously her diet consisted of cookies, chocolate, and ice-cream! She used food as a coping mechanism in stressful times and in her corporate career for instant energy to help her get through the day. Her nickname at university, during her Master of Science in Management studies, was 'cookie monster'! For this reason, she had never thought of becoming a health coach! But the moment close family members got life-threatening illnesses, she started to study everything about nutrition & health. She then discovered how food impacts our wellbeing: it is either our poison OR medicine! The choice is up to us! She chose to overhaul her health with nutrition and energy work. Once she started to feel full of energy and has not had a cold in years, she never looked back! She wished she had known about all of this before! This is why she is so passionate about helping others discover how good they can feel in their body, their most precious asset!

Her motto: life is so short, why not feel your best to make the most out of it?

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If my mother only knew how much I dream of achieving….she will be overwhelmed and probably exhausted only from listening to the long list of things I’ve written in my head a thousand times over the years. She wouldn’t know how perfect I want to be, because for her I am already born perfect.


What my mother may know or don’t know is that like many other girls I’ve been dealing with issues in my life like guilt, shame, loneliness and fear by reaching out to find consolation in food. And everyone deals with these same feelings sooner or later in life. They start flooding our little innocent worlds ever since we are little and they become quite intense in the period of teenage years. Later they keep reappearing making us feel inferior, unworthy of love and not enough. But one day, one day we become aware that we can deal with these feelings in a different way than numbing them down or trying to suppress them with food or other addictive substances.


I believe that we are able to change our lives and the way we live, sometimes drowning in such feelings, by acknowledging what is going on within us, by honouring our own experiences, the mistakes and disappointments we went through.


Healing starts with getting unstuck from the emotional blocks we have within and then starting to take care of ourselves. I don’t think that we realise our responsibility to still be mothered by someone even after we become independent. May be that’s why we need role models….


My very deep personal reason to start PURICIOUS was because I believe most of us need someone to recognise and honour our emotional struggles, the high expectations we have build for ourselves and the way we are unable to forgive our own mistakes and insecurities. I believe that when we learn how to recognise where we feel stuck, how we deal daily with stress and emotions, become more mindful of our feelings and thoughts, start forgiving ourselves for the emotional breakdowns we experience, we will be able to change not only the relationship we have with food, but more importantly the relationship with ourselves.


Having said that I want to share with you that I am not different than any of you. I have been dealing with several traumas in my life and of course I reached out countless times to food for comfort. For many years I‘ve been going through sugar addiction and the quick fix of energy drinks and cookie feasts.


What woke me up was my father’s diagnose with cancer and my research about the disease that took me to the realisation that we often can be our worst enemies… - without being aware!


Another event that took me to where I am today was my wedding and starting a new life together with my soulmate and dear husband Marco. Because of our relationship I learned that you cannot love someone else infinitely before learning how to love yourself. The journey we started with him took us not only to a more vibrant, healthy and fulfilled life but also brought balance, respect and deeper love for ourselves.


My advice to you is don’t wait and waste even a second more of your life to achieving the love, the abundance & balance you deserve!


The decision to start helping people transform their relationship with food, getting aware of their eating habits and daily movement plan was rooted in our desire to share our own personal journeys, the lessons we’ve learned, and the immediate inner and outer change we experienced after starting to care about our nutrition and movement daily routine. It all happened step by step. This was not an overnight transformation. Because it takes time to change a habit, because rebuilding your relationship with yourself is a journey, but it is all so exciting and transformational that we cannot keep it only to ourselves.


It is hard to believe but we get so obsessed with our relationship with food that it occupied a huge amount of our energy and time, instead of us focusing on making the best out of this unique life we are given.


Just look around and ask yourself how many of us are following diets, counting calories, crying over relationships while stuffing our face with ice cream, rewarding an achievement with a big fat chocolate cake, negatively talking to ourselves for missing a day at the gym?! It’s actually scary because we are all addicted to a self-abusive relationship with food.  Where is the right answer? 


Without a doubt healing your relationship with food and learning how to look at it as nurturing vs. a restrictive diet or an enemy will change you profoundly:


  • You suddenly feel the love for yourself and others without self-doubts
  • You start finally believing that you deserve to be happy vs beating yourself up for every rule you broke in your dietary plan
  • The same sense of worthiness drives your audacity to achieve the things in life you were afraid of and now as a bonus you feel the energy to do it
  • You feel good and sexy in your own skin vs wanting to hide all your life under the covers (large clothes)
  • You feel and experience an amazing sense of energy vs feeling drained and rinsed (tired)
  • You achieve unbelievable clarity of mind that gives you the feeling you can do and achieve anything you want
  • The way you connect with others changes and relationships don’t drain you any more because you are not afraid to be judged for how you look





Because we know your purpose in this life is not to 'look good'. Your purpose is to shine light, to achieve your potential and your most genuine version. All of that starts by taking a good care of yourself, nurturing and amplifying your own energy for life.