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Are you part of the Sugar Awareness Movement?


In this video (3 minutes):


Why did we create the Sugar Awareness Week?


In this video (3 minutes):


How to enjoy social events (e.g. Xmas) without the guilt


In this video (4 minutes):

  • Focus on quality time with your beloved ones

  • Don't worry about your weight, enjoy the social event

  • Get our best 3 practical tips!


Control your food cravings


In this video (8 minutes):

  • Learn why we experience food cravings

  • How you can limit your cravings

  • Get our best 3 practical tips!


Keep your overeating in control


In this video (6 minutes):

  • Learn how to stay in control at social events (such as Xmas)

  • How to avoid overeating & gaining weight

  • Get our best 7 practical tips!


Relax your body with this meditation


In this video (22 minutes):

  • Enjoy a 20-minute guided meditation

  • Relax & get answers to your questions for guidance in life 

  • Get in touch with yourself & your body!

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