Client Love - What our clients experience!

Hello lovely!!! I feel very well and very happy to have done the sugar rehab program!!!! Let me start:

1. I reached the weight I wanted without starving!  and I fit to some clothes that I thought I would never fit again!

2. Before the program I thought my energy level was at 4-5 but I can tell I have a higher energy level now and didn’t really miss anything of my previous eating / drinking habits… I also was much more careful in what I chose to eat and this came naturally to me… I wasn’t feeling having the fat and sugary things…. I didn’t even have any dessert!!!!

3.  I quit my afternoon coffee!!!  - I don’t need it anymore!!!!

4. I get up easier in the mornings!

5. My energy starts declining though around 22:30 - 23:00 which is normal and more healthy so I have to reschedule my evening plans… but that’s fine.

6. For now and hope it lasts, it became part of my life and I’m always more conscious about what I buy and what we all eat at home….

7.  No more cravings….!!!! 

Again VERY happy to have done it!!!!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH MY DEAR!!!!! I am sending you lots of positive BIG HUGS & Lots of Love,❤️😘
I did this [Sugar Rehab] program because I felt quite out of balance with my diet. On one hand, I was eating very healthy food but on the other hand I was eating 1 or 2 croissants or muffins per day - every day of the week. I would call myself a sugar addict... I started the program... and little by little it started to go very well. I now feel much lighter, much better, more confident, and I have less sugar cravings then before. I definitely recommend you to join the program. Marco and Sabine are great and you will feel much better - not only after the program but also during the program.
— Maria (26), Spain - Sugar Rehab Program
In the past I’ve been able to cut down on sugar and lose weight, but the bad habits always creep back and I was looking for something to help. Sabine is warm and caring and really helps reframe things so that a different perspective is achieved which really helps shift those bad habits. She is also very practical, working within the limits of the lifestyle you have! The short program I did helped me to respect myself and come from a place of loving and caring for my body...this was the shift I needed. I still have times when I want to consume sugary foods but now I can chose not to or have a lot less – just having some as a treat but recognising that having a lot is just not being kind to myself in the long run. Just by changing a few habits I have been consistently losing weight (without more exercise) and I am now confident that I can make this a permanent change, instead of falling back into old habits again. It puts a smile on my face! I will reach my goal weight slowly because I’m not using any will power or pressure on myself – just being more mindful and naturally getting back to a healthy weight.
The reason I highly recommend working with Sabine is that she takes a holistic approach in a practical & fun way but also a spiritual way and if that resonates with you, as it did with me, it can make all the difference. This about all of you, not just the physical you. Be nice to yourself and get started!
— Kathy (49), Australia - Sugar Rehab Program
Inzwischen verzichte ich schon über drei Wochen auf Zucker. Überraschenderweise habe ich auch kaum mehr Lust auf Süsses. Und wenn ich mal etwas esse, dann esse ich es viel bewusster und habe es mir auch wirklich verdient.

Bei den Produkten schaue ich nun immer die Etikette an. Immer wieder bin ich total überrascht, wo sich der Zucker versteckt. Dafür freue ich mich umso mehr, wenn ich etwas Zuckerfreies finde ;-)

Seit ich auf Zucker verzichte, habe ich viel mehr und vor allem konstante Energie. Die Energie-Achterbahnfahrt durch den Tag ist vorbei. Ich schlafe zudem viel besser und stehe am Morgen frisch und erholt auf. Meine Haut hat sich verbessert und ich habe 3kg abgenommen (jupiii:)). Der neue No-Sugar-Lifestyle gefällt mir sehr gut und ich werde damit auch nach der Challenge weitermachen.

Lieben Dank Sabine, für deine motivierende Unterstützung und die vielen guten Tipps bei der No-Sugar Challenge. Der Verzicht auf Zucker, das neue Körperbewusstsein sowie die neue unermüdliche Energie tut so gut. Vielen Dank.
— Katja, Zurich, Switzerland - Sugar Rehab Program
Before starting your program, I was frustrated that I could not lose the excess weight that I had gained over the last 2 years after my menopause. I could have never imagined the results you helped me achieve! My belly is no longer bloated, my stool is regular again, my energy level is stable throughout the day, my skin glows, and I no longer experience crazy cravings at night. Overall, I feel so much better and lighter! I am so happy with these changes! You really motivated me to keep going! I understand now how I can make myself feel better by taking care of myself. THANK YOU! I feel like a whole new person!
— Theresa Yee (47), Dubai - Set Yourself Free Program
Sabine is a very warm hearted, supportive and compassionate mentor. In working with her during my 6 month [Private 1:1] coaching program I felt completely safe as she helped me achieve the goals I set out for myself. With her support and guidance I have begun my journey of self-love which was my top priority during our sessions together! Since working with Sabine I have been able to honor myself by practicing self care techniques (without feeling guilty about it!) and by giving myself permission to appreciate all of my achievements as she so often pointed out in our sessions.
— Tania (32), Hawaii - 1:1 Private Coaching
I have become much more aware of my eating habits. As a result, I feel much better and more energetic. Marco and Sabine thank you so much for everything. I recommend this [Set Yourself Free] program to everyone!
— Eef (34), Holland - Set Yourself Free Program
Sabine is a wonderful health nutritionist – her energy is contagious and her passion is extraordinary. Sabine does coaching and also travels the world spreading her message about sugar. She became a star of Swiss TV earlier this year and her last international event in Bangkok! She recently qualified as a yoga teacher. I am thankful that she got me back on track with my eating habits!
— Rebecca, Basel, Switzerland - 1:1 Private Coaching