Do you feel like sugar is controlling you?

Have you wondered why you cannot stop your sugar cravings?

Is sugar making you feel tired & prevent you from eating healthy?


Let's start enjoying a SWEETER LIFE with LESS SUGAR in it!


Puricious Health Coaching has teamed up with 'Checkup - Das Gesundheitsmagazin' (TeleZüri / TeleM1 /TeleBärn / Tele1) to coach a selected group of people in Zurich to a sugar-free life. 


Watch the second episode where Sabine visits a client at home to clean out the kitchen by reading the labels to discover how much sugar is hidden everywhere. Sabine also visits her favourite health store in Switzerland to read the labels again and recommend her low-sugar snacks, like the beloved chocolate (language: German). 


The Sugar Awareness Movement is a free online introduction to the Puricious Puricious 10-day Sugar Rehab program (in English / German. Find out more here):


✔ Learn from interviews with experts about the IMPACT OF SUGAR ON OUR HEALTH

 Get inspired with SUGAR-FREE RECIPES and REAL STORIES about reducing sugar

Discover why awareness is crucial & how to INSTANTLY REDUCE YOUR SUGAR INTAKE!


Why reduce your sugar intake?

 Ditch your sugar cravings

✔ Boost your energy & mood

Strengthen your immune system

Balance your hormones

✔ Improve your concentration, mental clarity, and productivity

✔ Kick-start weight loss

✔ And the list goes on... the benefits of reducing sugar are endless! 


Through working with clients world-wide, we learned that many people don't know the impact of (hidden) sugar on our health...


Our goal is therefore to empower you through sharing our knowledge to raise awareness...

...this is why we created the Sugar Awareness Movement for you!


Our mission is to:



Why have we created the Sugar Awareness Movement for you?


Overconsumption of sugar has become A GLOBAL EPIDEMIC. Too much sugar harms our health and - most of the time - we do not even know where sugar is hidden in our food and beverages! Did you know? Hidden sugars are found in >80% of products in our supermarkets!

This is why it is so important now to EDUCATE YOU ON SUGAR & HOW TO REDUCE YOUR DAILY INTAKE!

During the Sugar Awareness Movement, you will learn everything you need to know about HIDDEN SUGARS & HOW TO REDUCE YOUR INTAKE!


The expert videos address the importance of limiting our sugar intake. The videos are intended to raise awareness of how sugar impacts our health and body.


Join the #DitchSugarTogether Movement

What will you learn?


How our 10-day Sugar Rehab program led to the Sugar Awareness Movement

People around the world, joined our 10-day Sugar Rehab program to be guided step-by-step to a low sugar lifestyle without sugar cravings. This has left them feeling energised and great!

The online 10-day Sugar Rehab program:

Practical program to guide you step by step on how to ditch sugar cravings

Track your progress and celebrate every milestone

Meal plan for sugar-free recipes inspiration


Watch the expert videos below

From the participants of the Sugar Rehab program, we realised the demand to REALLY understand exactly HOW sugar impacts their health.

As a results, we created for you the Sugar Awareness Movement (scroll down to see the videos with experts and people, who have successfully ditched their sugar cravings).

In the Sugar Awareness Movement video interviews, you will learn:

HOW sugar impacts your wellbeing from a 306-degree holistic perspective

WHY it is so important for your health to reduce your sugar intake

✔ Be inspired by real stories to reduce your (HIDDEN) sugar consumption

Any change STARTS with awareness


Sabine’s Cookie Monster Story & Struggle with Sugar


 Meet the experts:

Micheala Hausmann_profile picture.jpg

Michaela Hausmann - MD, CPCC®, ACC® and ORSCTM Coach

Michaela has been trained as a General Practitioner („Fachärztin für Allgemeinmedizin“) in Germany. She worked for several years in clinic and private practice in different therapeutic areas, before her special interest in diabetes, particularly type 2, and metabolic disease led her into a career in clinical diabetes research and subsequently pharmaceutical industry. For 11 years, she has worked for one of the world`s leading diabetes companies, Novo Nordisk, where she was not only responsible for diabetes, but also for the relatively new field of obesity, both which assumed epidemic proportions in the last decades, and are constantly on the rise worldwide.

As of 2017, Michaela went back to clinical practice. She currently works part-time in a diabetes practice in Aargau, and part-time with a leading health insurance in Switzerland, where she develops and helps implementing health prevention programmes for corporate customers.

As a Professional Co-active® and ORSCTM Coach, her passion is to help her clients identify and make desired changes in those areas of their lives, either professionally or personally, that impose permanent stress on them, often even unconsciously. „Permanent stress negatively affects our health and is a main contributor to developing chronic disorders or even diseases, such as metabolic or sleeping disorders, chronic back pain, burn-out, depression, etc., many of which I get to deal with in my daily practice as a Medical doctor“ she says.


Ling Na Ernst-Cheng - Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ling Na is Chinese but was born in Japan. Upon completing international high school in Tokyo,  she attended University in the United States where she studied Nutritional Sciences in Los Angeles.  Her second studies took her in a different direction. She moved to New York City and studied Interior Architecture,  and pursued her professional career in that field.

Subsequently, Ling Na moved to Switzerland after she met her Swiss husband. Whilst raising her family, her interest in Chinese medicine grew, inspired by her father, a renowned Sinologist and Chinese historian, and her mother, who used Chinese herbal therapies as everyday cures.

Ling Na returned to the United States where she completed her Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, California in 2003 while working for two Chinese herbal pharmacies and obtained first hand experience. After graduation she ran her own practice there for four years.

In 2007, she returned to Switzerland and established her practice in Rapperswil-Jona, where she blends acupuncture and herbal therapies with dietary and life-style advice based on age-old Chinese philosophy. She speaks English, German, French, Japanese and Mandarin.

Find out more:

Dr. Susie Gronski

Dr. Susie Gronski

Dr. Susie Gronski is a licensed doctor of physical therapy and a board certified pelvic rehabilitation practitioner. In addition to knowing a lot about your private parts, she’s also a certified health coach. Simply put, she’s the doctor for ‘everything down there.’

Her passion is to make you feel comfortable about taboo subjects like sex and private parts. Social stigmas aren’t her thing. She provides real advice without the medical fluff, sorta’ like a friend who knows the lowdown down below.

Dr. Susie is the author of the #1 New Release In Men’s Health, Pelvic Pain: The Ultimate Cock Block and the creator of a unique hands-on training program helping men with pelvic pain become experts in treating themselves.

She’s determined to make sure you know you can get help for:

• painful ejaculation
• problems with the joystick
• discomfort or pain during sex • controlling your pee

without needing to be embarrassed...

So whatever you want to call it, penis, shlong or ding-dong, if you’ve got a problem ‘down there’, she’s the person to get to know. Dr. Susie is currently in private practice in Asheville, North Carolina specializing in holistic men’s pelvic health. Learn more by visiting w .


Luis Cuesta - Dentist, clinical director

Comprehensive Dentistry with a focus on: preventive, aesthetic and regenerative dentistry

Languages: Deutsch, English, Français, Español, Português, Русский

¨Teeth, body and soul¨ enhance your physical health thanks to healthy teeth and gums. Additionally, a beautiful, natural smile help to make you feel happier. 

Find out more: and


Barbara Rijntjes - Besancon founder of BOOST.

BOOST. has been founded by Barbara Rijntjes – Besancon. Sportsfreak and Sports entrepreneur. BOOST. is also a network of professionals. Together we are able to offer state of art knowledge, years and years of experience and services on different themes. We all have one thing in common: we believe in improving (corporate) life. So each and everyone can make a difference.

After years of working in the corporate world as a partner of a consultancy firm, I moved my life around and started combining my passion for people with my love for wellbeing and sports. After founding the company Mom in Balance Switzerland focussing on the health of Mothers (to be), and recently selling it I am now fully dedicated to my new company Boost where we offer different elements to bring more energy into your (corporate) life.

Justin profile pic.jpg

Justin Damian Furness CBP (Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Founder of LifePrint Systems, Co-Founder JSQUARED)

Effectus Factum(Don't be better; be Great!)

Justin has spent over a decade searching out the very latest in cutting edge techniques and strategies, never satisfied with the norm; he has always studied with people on the fringe, thought leaders who were not yet accepted by conventional authorities and who were getting long lasting and often miraculous results. He has dedicated himself to unleashing Human Potential, studying and being mentored by Doctors, Thought Leaders and Trend Setters from around the World like Bruce Lipton, Nassim Haramein, Tony Robbins to name a few. His specialties are vast and many and he has enjoyed working at the top level of Sports with Professional Athletes and with people from all over the World.

In 2013 Justin launched LifePrint - Unleash your Potential, a scientific geometric formula for the calculation and quantisation of Potential related through Pro-Active and Re-Active sensory behaviour. He travels Internationally facilitating groups and sharing his formulas which are used at every level of human design, from individuals to relationships, families and business.

Justin provides integrated lifestyle and business solutions and is fully equipped to meet all of your requirements, his diverse experience and education enables each client to receive a comprehensive and tailored healthcare and/or business solution as he recognises that the location of symptoms is not always where the underlying cause originates. Pulling out the root is far more effective than just putting a bandaid on the wound.

Welcome to your future strategies today! Find out more:


Eveline Lonoce - Business Strategist, Teambuilder and Serial Entrepreneur

Eveline sees business as an amazing adventure where everyone can become a hero!

What you need is the courage to start, the boldness to do it your way and the support to develop yourself and your ideas.

Eveline helps Entrepreneurs and Companies translate their Vision into an approachable and practical action plan. She has a talent for identifying unused potential in daily business details and realign it with your Business Strategy.

Eveline started her own consulting business in 2009. With more than 25 years of experience in building and managing business operations and people management, she joined the Silicon Valley based ‚Evernote' to set up its Swiss and later France entity and managed Operations and HR.

In 2016 she worked with Impact Hub and DigitalSwitzerland for the 'Kickstart Accelerator' program and the Silicon Valley Startup 'Sunflower Labs‘ establishing Business in Switzerland.

Combining the fast paste and future oriented US Silicon Valley mindset with the Swiss sustainability and quality, makes her the professional partner for growth and success.

Find out more:

Gisela Rocha_profile picture.jpg

Gisela Rocha - Choreographer & Leader of Conscious Dance

The Brazilian Choreographer Gisela Rocha was born and brought up in Salvador de Bahia, where she started her dance –education, including both classical and modern dance. At the age of eighteen she started her education at the UfBA, the federal university of Bahia, finish with Bachelor diploma and specialization in choreography.

Choreographer since 25 years, In Zürich as director of Gisela Rocha company for 12 years.She collaborate with Theaterhaus Gessneralle, Tanz Haus Wasserwerk, Rote Fabric, festival “Zürcher Theaterspektakel 2005, kaserne Basel, among theatres in Bern, Luzern, Theatre Winterthur, Lausanne and others.

As guest Choreographer she works with Introdans Company (Netherlands), Ballet Mainz, Bern Ballet. Her pieces have being show in The Netherlands, NY, Brazil, Germany, Egypt, France, and Korea. Gisela works as Jury for International competition like, TanzOlymp Berlin, Seoul International Competition, and Paris Conservatory.

In the field of self-growth the last 15 years Gisela dedicate time to deepening her practice in conscious movement, meditation and body therapies. And with this principles she teaches movement research, improvisation and movement for all.

Find out more:

Marco profile pic.jpeg

Marco Orbello - certified Sports & Exercise Nutritional Advisor, co-founder of Puricious Health Coaching

Marco's life before Puricious included a lot of smoking and eating junk food, while pursuing his career in the financial sector. After realising how unhealthy he was (which included relying on a lot of sugar and coffee for energy boosts throughout the day), he decided to change his lifestyle and started exercising. He discovered his passion for sports and soon realised the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. Marco is very passionate about sport performance and nutrition, his passion is helping people live their lives to the fullest potential by embracing an active lifestyle supported by nutritious eating habits.

His motto: try a variety of sports to find our what you truly enjoy and keep trying new things!

Find out more:


Jessica Fabrizi - PR & Marketing Expert who lives a fructose-free life

Jessica Fabrizi is responsible for PR and marketing for the Swiss branch of a luxury airline, but is so passionate about networking that she founded her own brand called One Degree to Connect. Under this brand, she coaches people and consults with businesses on how to network. Another passion of Jessica’s is bringing people together, which she does by hosting events for the 10-plus online communities she started, as well as through business match-making.


Anna Lundberg - Business Strategist & Success Coach


Anna Lundberg - Business Strategist & Success Coach

Anna built her professional career in beauty and luxury marketing, working with brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss and Burberry. Today she continues to advise businesses and train teams on how to create powerful brands, develop effective marketing strategies and build digital capabilities in their organisation.

She helps people create businesses and build a lifestyle that allows them an unimagined sense of freedom, flexibility and fulfilment across different areas of their lives.

As a coach, she works individually with a select number of clients to help them to reimagine success in their personal and professional lives.

Anna is a confident speaker and workshop facilitator as well as a published writer, with articles appearing on Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, and other online publications, and co-authoring the book How To Succeed In Your First Job.

*P&G "40 under 40" Alumni Network Recognition List
*Co-author of 'How to Succeed in Your First Job'
*Published in Business Insider, Inc. Magazine, The Muse, #BeSomebody
*Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with International Coach Academy
*Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential and member with International Coach Federation (ICF)


Edson Williams: personal development coach specialized in Personal Leadership and Creative Leadership

Personal Leadership is about finding your true North; your compass that guides you to happiness, inspiration, fulfillment and alignment with your values. This puts you back in the driver seat, helping you decide where you are going and when. 

Creative Leadership means, living your Life Purpose and impacting the world you live in. Owning your greatness, being the best version of yourself and inspiring others. Create your legacy and Lead by Example.

I am a trainer and coach with over a decade of experience in leading workshops and one on one coaching. With an eye for talent, my background is in advertising, design, film and photography. Worked for a boss and been a boss and understand the corporate world, the entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Having coached clients age 17 and any age up to 73, we all have something in common. We want to be happy, fulfilled, inspired and do something meaningful.

From Personal to Creative Leadership, my clients see and feel their potential, move into their greatness, make the impact they want and build the legacy they are proud of. I care about my clients and guide them to be the biggest and best version of themselves.

I give my best so you can be your best. Find out more:

Ariane discover out loud.jpg

Ariane Tavakol: Creative Director + Story Teller + Interviewer + Explorer

Discover Out Loud is a Luxury lifestyle Webzine produced by Creative Director Ariane Tavakol and based in Zurich, Switzerland.

I used to live in Los Angeles, then moved to New York and now in Zurich for the past 4.5 years. Discover Out Loud was conceived because I was new to Zurich, alone and lost. I needed an outlet to help me integrate into my new world, understand the culture better, grow my network and be creative. It’s amazing how much one can achieve in time of desperation!

In my wildest dreams I never imagined how far this venture would take me and what it would teach me. It has helped me conquer my fears, my self-doubts and gain an appreciation for challenge like never before. Too often we get stuck in our comfort zone because we are too afraid to try something new. Not only have I learned new things, but I have been able to experience a life that very few are previewed to. But the fun part of it is that anyone can do it. All you need is a dash of creativity, resourcefulness and a big dose of perseverance! I can teach you these things!

Why luxury? Luxury to me is not only the finer experiences (travel, hotels, food, etc..) but it is also the luxury of a life well-lived, a life rich in personal and in-depth experiences. 

Luxury is to be able to get inspired by and learn from those who have mastered the art of living through their own trials and tribulations.

What do we offer? WE offer our readers an Experience, a Feeling, but beyond all, quality and authenticity. Brands and people come to Life by taking us on a journey of unique experiences. We pick the brains of our Influencers & Taste-Makers to learn from them. DOL is the ultimate place for discoveries to inspire dreaming, actions and reactions. Story telling is cool again!

martin .jpg

Martin Altherr - Self-Confidence & Transformation Expert

This ambassadors of redefining what is possible, is unique in his way to inspire people. He touches people in their hearts and moves carefully their perspectives to ready them making big leaps in their lives. Martin worked in the last 17 years with more than 4’000 people in one on one transformations, giving them the needed tools to reach what they wanted in life. On events and group transformations, he worked with professionals, coaches, consultants, practitioners, employees, self-employed persons and entrepreneurs on their personal skills and redefined with them what is possible. In the corporate world, Martin founded and built 9 companies. From the very beginning, his entrepreneurship was characterized by a holistic view. By generating with his companies more than 2.5 million in revenue, his emphasis was on personal and company purpose, equality of all individuals involved, and on serving all people, regardless of whether the impact was local, national or global.

Find out more:

Caitlin Krause

Caitlin E. Krause - Founder of MindWise

Caitlin E. Krause, a noted educational industry expert, has been a teacher and curriculum developer for over a decade, leading interdisciplinary programs that make learning authentic and visible. She is an active member of global education initiatives that promote young women in technology, and she is featured regularly as a speaker at EdTech conferences, including MassCUE, ISTE, BLC, and FETC. Her education skills include embedded design thinking and mindful approaches that support creative, positive learning experiences, contributing to a better world by empowering people with technology and helping them to use it as a connective vehicle. VR expands this possibility by democratizing the field of deep experiential learning. Caitlin founded the company MindWise in 2016, and her book Mindful by Design will be published in the summer of 2017. She is also currently developing a VR learning app.

Find out more:


Jutta Jerlich - Digital Business Development Specialist

I am passionate about bringing things to life. My partners and clients love my creativity and the (unconventional) ways I see to approach challenges and transform them into positive learning. 

Having worked in different roles across industries, in start-ups, large enterprises and government organizations taught me to always find numerous pathways from a current position to a designated goal.

My experience reservoir stems from having lived and worked in 3 continents (America, Europe and Asia), with people from 30+ countries in 6 languages throughout the last twenty years. Teaching entrepreneurial thinking allowed me to guide 150+ teams of young engineers to make their ideas reality. 

Sustainability is essential to me: in its broadest meaning. I believe that #socialimpact is the main ingredient. It drives me to always look for a more efficient ways of doing something, And it commands me to look at the people side of technology in everything I do because life is about people.

Client’s Voice: "You are my GPS system"

- I build digital communication and content creation strategies to amplify your reach and visibility. 
- I connect people and organizations by creating partnerships, teams and alliances that complement each other and therefore multiply the impact. 
- I help entrepreneurs, thought leaders, engineers and experts become visible and build their confidence to communicate from the heart.

I am eager to learn about how you create social impact.

Reach out to me ... I guarantee you an inspirational conversation! 

Keywords: Digital Business Development, Cross Media Communication, Content Creation Strategy, Community Building, Co-Creation, Environments of Trust, Partnerships, Alliances, Sustainability in Disruption, Engagement, Technology Marketing, Strategy, Entrepreneurship

Find out more:


Maria’s experience with the 10-day Sugar Rehab program