Answer the questions below & calculate your score by adding the points (on the left of each answer)


A.       What do you eat for breakfast?


+1      Milk / yoghurt with cereals

+2      Bread with nutella / jam / sweet spread

+3      Fruit (with oats)

+4      Boiled / fried egg



B.       What is your favourite snack?


+1      Cookies / candy / cake

+2      Dried fruit

+3      Fruit

+4      Unsalted nuts, rice crackers



C.        You like your tea / coffee:


+1      With sugar and milk

+2      With sugar only

+3      With an artificial sweetener / milk

+4      Without sugar / milk / artificial sweeteners



D.       You drink soft drinks / sodas:


+1      Daily

+2      Weekly

+3      Monthly

+4      Hardly ever



E.        How often do you drink alcohol?


+1      Every day

+2      On the weekends only

+3      Once a month

+4      Hardly ever



F.        What do you typically have for dinner?


+1      Microwave / instant meal

+2      Pizza / Pasta

+3      A sandwich

+4      Meat / fish / grains with vegetables



G.       When do you have cravings for something sweet?


+1      Multiple times per day

+2      Every day

+3      Occasionally

+4      Rarely



H.       When you eat something sweet (cookies, cake, lollies, etc.):


+1      I eat all the sweets that are in reach

+2      I finish the whole package

+3      I eat until I am full

+4      I enjoy a small serving



I.         Have you ever tried giving up on sugar?


+1      No, why would I? I love it!

+2      No, I don’t think I could go without

+3      Yes, but it did not last

+4      Yes, I feel better than ever before!



J.         When do you usually eat sugary foods?


+1      By myself so no one knows I eat sugar

+2      Every day in the office / at social events

+3      I occasionally share sweets at social events

+4      What? I don’t eat sugary foods!


Your Score:

10-20 points: A true sugar addict

Like most people nowadays, you are a true sugar addict (in disguise). You love and crave sugar often. Your daily sugar consumption exceeds the daily-recommended intake for good health. Get in control of your sugar cravings and weight loss by drastically reducing your sugar intake! The benefits of consuming less sugar will make you want to stick to it forever! We cannot wait for you to experience it yourself! Reduce your sugar intake today with our FREE cheat sheet on which 3 drinks / foods to avoid & what to enjoy instead!



21-34 points: An occasional sugar lover

Even though you do not entirely depend on sugar, you still struggle with sugar cravings every now and then. You will benefit from further reducing your sugar intake to boost your energy level, reduce your cravings, and enhance your health. You can do it! Reduce your sugar intake today with our FREE cheat sheet on which 3 drinks / foods to avoid & what to enjoy instead!



35-40 points – A health nut

Wow, congratulations! You are in control and you do not depend on sugar. You may enjoy an occasional treat but you know how to do so in moderation. This is highly beneficial for your general health and energy levels throughout the day. Keep it up! Get our FREE cheat sheet for inspiration on more healthy alternatives to sugary drinks & food.