Sugar-Free Gluten-Free Pizza

This is a delicious, healthy, easy-to-make alternative for pizza!

Sabine made a cauliflower pizza for her Italian husband Marco, who loves the original pizza from Naples! This was risky business! ;-) She poured in all of her love... AND... he LOVED IT (pfewww ;-))!!! This pizza has actually become one of Marco’s favourite recipes!! 


Sugar-free Gluten-free pizza



1 small cauliflower

1 egg

Buckwheat flour (depending on the consistency, 50-100g)

Tomato sauce (without added sugar)

Rocket salad 

Parmesan cheese


How to make it?

Blend a small cauliflower with 1 egg and - if necessary - add some (buckwheat) flour if the mix is too liquid. The consistency should be similar to one of a traditional pizza base. Then place the mix of an oven tray that is covered with baking paper, evenly spread the mix, and add also baking paper on top to continue spreading the mix with a roller to make the base thinner. Remove the upper baking paper sheet and bake the pizza base at 180 degrees Celsius until slightly crunchy. Then add the tomato sauce and other toppings. Leave in oven until ready. Try adding some fresh rocket salad and parmesan cheese!


Enjoy! Buon appetito!