Find your purpose & let's dance in the meantime!

Are you looking for your purpose?

Do you want to live a fulfilled life?

Are you struggling to see what you came to do here?


Our experience might help you as you are on your path of self-discovery...


Marco and I are SO extremely passionate about what we do... to help our clients step-by-step to a healthy lifestyle that meets their need! :-)



We discovered that this is partly of why we are here... to inspire people to live a healthier life so they feel better and have more energy to enjoy life to the fullest!


This is what gets us excited, this is what makes us jump out of bed in the morning, this is what we can never stop talking about! ;-)


It took a big 'AHA moment' when we were confronted by how quickly life can be over when family members got ill. We then realised we wanted to live a JOYFUL & HAPPY LIFE!



After months and months of brainstorming our 'why' we found that our purpose had  already been always present! We were already living life with our heart and soul... always wishing to see people around us HAPPY! 


By continuously living from a state of feeling good - as well as wanting to make a difference in people's wellbeing - more and more clients became part of the Puricious family! They were the ones, who eventually helped us understand our 'why' and the value of our purpose! 


Our clients shared with us their break-throughs, their improvements in terms of health, their increased level of happiness, their gratefulness for being supported by us to live a healthier life!


The biggest lesson we learned from having started Puricious Health Coaching GmbH is that when you do business with your heart, people FEEL it and are attracted to you! Together with our clients, we are living our purpose!



In a broader sense, Marco and I are on a mission to create a safe space where people inspire one another to FEEL GOOD (in their body), to BE HAPPY, to EXPERIENCE JOY, and to BOOST THEIR ENERGY TO FULLY ENJOY LIFE!


When people sense you live your purpose, they get inspired by your passion and high energy!


Nowadays, we see a lot of people 'struggling' to find their higher purpose - to know why they are here and what role they came to fulfil! In our experience, our 'purpose' has been much more simplistic than we thought!



Tips on how to discover your Purpose:


1) How do you offer value to the world?

Our key advice is to look at what actions / competencies of yourself GREATLY BENEFIT THE WORLD. This could already greatly hint at what your purpose is! 


2) Get into action!

Secondly, GET INTO ACTION to discover. From our experience, sitting at the table trying to figure out our purpose did not bring as much as when we just got started with whatever we enjoyed! In our case, this was sharing knowledge about nutrition and holistic healing in workshops. Through doing, we got clarity on what made our hearts beat faster!


3) Nourish your body, mind, and soul

Last, but not least, NOURISH YOUR BODY, MIND, AND SOUL! Eat healthy foods that are full of life-force energy (i.e. lots of vegetables) for more clarity, concentration, calmness, balance, and being in tune with your own emotions and body! This greatly supports letting your emotions guide you to a place where you feel happy.


The energetic vibration of happiness is contagious, inspires, and attracts your 'family'! We have seen this effect come to life during the many events we have been part of this month! 


We wish you a JOYFUL, HAPPY life!! We only live once, make the most out of it!! LIVE EVERY DAY AS IF IT WAS YOUR LAST!! 


Follow your heart... Dance in the street, sing, jump from joy, hug each other, be kind, smile at strangers, support each other - whatever resonates with you! :-D


For Sabine, picking up the HAPPY DANCE again from when she was little - to dance in order to feel joy, celebrate life, and share happy energy - has brought so much joy into her daily life!!


Next time you see her, DANCE! Share the JOY!! :-D 




Marco & Sabine


***Pictures 1***: Our detox workshop at Egli Bio is just 1 example of where we showed our passion... Find out more about our favourite Bio stores in Switzerland that sells tons of delicious and healthy products!


***Pictures 2***: The JOY & HAPPINESS were shared with the audience at The Mahima Mindset's Expert Day... Find out more about the incredible Mahima


***Pictures 3***: Talking about 'attracting your family', we met such incredible women at the Women's Expo at the stunning Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois in Basel, Switzerland... Find out more about founder and owner of the wonderful Women's Expo Switzerland Lisa Chuma


***Pictures 4***: Finding your purpose is sometimes easier than you think! Just like our vegan & sugar-free snacks we provided for Tsitaliya's Fashion Meets Art event! Find out more about superwoman Tsitaliya (aka Mums in Heels)