You can be healthy too! Inspiring stories: interview with Remigia

 ‘I am too busy. I don’t have time for a healthy lifestyle’.


We all have self-sabotaging patterns. Although we ‘know’ that we could take better care of our health, we subconsciously sabotage ourselves with excuses.


We have witnessed the health transformation of many clients around the world and therefore know it is so worth to start acknowledging your excuses and get rid of them!


Rather than convincing yourself that you lack time or your schedule does not allow you to eat healthy, we hope to inspire you by showing how real, ambitious, busy people actually DO manage to live a healthy lifestyle!


Why should you care? Feel energised to fully enjoy life! Feel well to achieve your goals (personally and professionally)! Feel great in your body!


When you take care of yourself, you set the foundation for a successful and fulfilling life! That is what we truly wish for you!


In this inspiring interview, my dear friend and ambitious power woman, Remigia Laganà shares how she manages to keep up a healthy balanced lifestyle while having a stressful and highly demanding job. She is the Senior Manager site HR at a big multinational in Geneva, Switzerland.



Have you always had a healthy lifestyle?


Yes, I always desired to have a healthy lifestyle. Especially to have my body, mind, soul in balance without being addicted to any sports or activity but really striving to find balance. Balance is the formula for happiness.


By nature, however, I love carbohydrates: pizza, pasta, bread. I have not cancelled all sugar out of my life but I have noticed the amazing benefits of ditching simple carbohydrates (and sugar) for my body and mind. When I feel like eating pasta or pizza, I allow myself to enjoy it. I am Italian and I love it. I also don’t want to deprive myself!



We know you successfully eliminated sugar and white flour in your diet. Can you tell us more about your experience?


6-7 Years ago, I eliminated carbs / proteins / sugar, for 2 weeks. During that time, I only ate fruits and veggies and lost 5 kilos.


Thanks to this experience, I realised that sugar causes brain fog, and makes me feel down and heavy. When I go through a period of eating too many simple carbs again, my skin becomes dry, my hair suffers, and I experience skin rashes. Nowadays, when I notice these symptoms, I instantly ditch all sugars again!


In this way, I have found balance! Because otherwise I feel like I am depriving myself and I do not want to feel guilty after eating.



How do you manage to keep up this balanced lifestyle while being in such an ambitious and stressful role at work?


I would actually like to turn it around – rather than having a professional career and trying to fit in healthy habits, why not making a healthy life the foundation of your professional life? You cannot be successful if you are not following some basic rules for your health. Prioritising your health is therefore absolutely crucial!


We need to listen to our body and mind to fulfill our own needs. I do that, for example, when I do not feel well and I do not go to the office to take good care of myself!


Be aware of your own limits so you can slow down BEFORE it is too late. Be able to set boundaries and say ‘no’ to take care of yourself!


We should not treat our body like a rubbish bin. I see many people finishing off the food in their fridge just for the sake of not throwing it away. We need to respect our body and stop treating it like a bin.



From your experience, what tips could you share on how to create a balanced healthy lifestyle?


1) Never go grocery shopping when you are hungry. You will end up with just about anything at home!


2) When I am stressed, I reduce the amount of things to do. So when I am tired after a long day, I rather make myself a quick salad with salmon instead of cooking, as that would add more stress. Additionally, often on Sunday, I prepare veggies for the week so I always have something healthy on hand.


3) Don’t think that food is the solution to your problems or emotions. When you are under stress, find ways to relax rather than using comfort food!!


4) Don’t wait for the weekend or holidays to take care of yourself, it is important to take a break (even if it is short) every single day!



How can people get in contact with you?


You can find me on LinkedIn or send me an email: remilag ad


Thank you so much for this inspiring interview and your time in your busy schedule, dear Remigia!