No more New Year's Resolutions

Happy new year!

Have you set any new year resolutions? We decided to not set any resolutions anymore as we have come to realise that we are always learning, growing and transforming. It is a continuous process, not a short-term goal-setting. When every day counts, every meal counts, every SMALL improvement counts, there are no more failure, since everything is just part of our learning experience! :-)

We would like to share 7 keys to ALWAYS continue upgrading your healthy lifestyle:

1) Preparation is KEY!

Failing to plan is planning to fail! Preparation, goal-setting, and setting an intention are all part of a successful plan. Click here to read our blog post about setting a strategy for your health and download your free weight loss planner.

We see it over and over again with our clients that preparation is absolutely key to success! Food prepping on a Sunday for the week ahead is literally a life-saver for those moments when you come home after a long day of work during the week. Instead of grabbing the first available convenience food (potato chips, chocolate, pizza, and so on), a delicious healthy meal is waiting for you in the fridge when you feel too tired to cook!

2) Implement SMALL changes

As of tomorrow, will you go to the gym, AND eat vegan, AND meditate daily, AND do yoga? Implementing too many changes at once can be challenging, or even unrealistic, and therefore really demotivating! Instead of overhauling your entire lifestyle from one day to another, take it step-by-step.

Start, for example, with reducing your sugar intake to ditch your sugar cravings. If you have a sweet tooth, our 10-day Sugar Rehab might be the right starting point for you. In this online program, (click here to find out more), we will guide you step-by-step to feel full of energy and lighter in your body!

Exactly 1 year ago, in collaboration with the Swiss television, we ran a ‘No Sugar Challenge’! It was broadcasted on tv and the results were amazing (click here to watch the episodes, in German)! The participants felt so much fitter, lighter, clearer in their head, in control around sugar, and lost weight without dieting! Do you want to experience the benefits yourself? Joining our 10-day Sugar Rehab is the perfect way to get started in 2019!

3) Do you have a healthy mindset?

Do you want to lose weight because you put on weight at the end of 2018? Do you want to exercise to make up for the many calories over Christmas? If yes, chances are that you are (unconsciously) beating yourself up and punishing yourself for past behaviour or actions. This is not an act of self-love.

Start your healthy lifestyle from a PLACE OF LOVE (why? click here to watch the video)! Our thoughts and internal dialogue (also called ‘Mean Girl’ by Melissa Ambrosini) hugely impact how we feel, which directly impacts how our body reacts. For example, when we feel guilty after eating, this stressful vibe is picked up by our body that something is wrong. Any stress naturally increases our stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Too much of these hormones can lead to weight gain and sabotage weight loss.

4) Be a DREAM TEAM with your body. What are your cravings telling you?

To avoid too much stress for your body and in order to reach your health goals, start a 2-way conversation with your body. What is it trying to tell you? Become aware of your body’s signs as it is ALWAYS communicating with us! Did you know that cravings for chocolate, for example, could indicate a magnesium deficiency? Click here to watch the video on what your cravings are telling you.

Appreciate your body for everything it does EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND! Our body is our most precious asset! It deserves all of our attention, love, and care!

By being a dream team with your body, you will notice much more the effect of how food makes you feel! Once you are fully aware of this, you will intuitively choose foods that make you feel amazing! You will feel so grateful for your body AND feel confident in your skin!

Our 3-month Set Yourself Free online group program (click here to find out more) teaches how to become a ‘body whisperer’ for your body in order to intuitively know what nutrition makes you feel energised! It takes you through the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, in small steps and one at a time. As a result, you will never need another diet again. You & your body will be a trusted dream team!

5) Heal your relationship with food ( = yourself)

Mindfully tuning in to your body’s needs and eating for your wellbeing is a great way to heal your relationship with food! Food is never the (only) issue to our weight problems - there are always other underlying causes. Food is just a ‘mirror’. What is your relationship with food showing you? Dive deeper into understanding yourself to discover your authentic self and stay true to it.

Our journey in this life is a continuous path of lessons, growth, and expansion. By diving deeper into the underlying causes of the food we are craving, the relationships we are attracting, and the situations we encounter in life, we can understand so much about ourselves and especially the unconscious part of us. We (unconsciously) manifest our thoughts and beliefs. Our life is our mirror and every part of it helps us grow!

6) Be conscious about how important you are! Prioritise your health!

When you feel stressed and worthless… remember that you are so needed! Your family needs you, your kids need you, your friends need you, your pets need you, and… the world needs you! It is no coincidence you are here! You are here for a reason! So take good care of your beautiful body to be able to enjoy this incredible experience in life! Have the energy to be present with your loved ones, feel confident in your body to chase your dreams, have peace of mind to enjoy food, feel grateful to love yourself, feel joyful to always keep ‘playing’ and having fun!

Your health is the foundation of your life, your relationships, your career, everything! The better you feel, the more energy you will have, the more confident you will be and this will be reflected in your life! Prioritising yourself, your daily self-care practice, and health are therefore so, so important!

I, Sabine, learned the hard way when I tried to take care of my dying father but then realised I could not be there for anyone else when I was not doing well myself! It took me a long time to love myself for who I am and be grateful for my body. I now no longer live in a ‘mental prison’ in which my thoughts continuously beat me up! Now, I am finally free and grateful for my life!

7) You don’t have to do this on your own!

We know that it sounds really cheesy, but it is so true! We all need support and help in our lives. This has personally been really hard for us, to ask for help AND accept it. We firmly believe that we didn’t come here in this life to do everything on our own.

If you need support or motivation, feel free to send us an email, reach out to us on social media (Facebook or Instagram)! You can even schedule a free 30-minute consultation call on our website in which we can help you set the strategy for your personal health goals!


Marco and Sabine